The Wedding Welcome Bags

Who doesn’t like to be pampered?
Well, even though the day of the wedding is all about the spouses, who says that the guests should not feel important and pampered as well?

Here’s a nice idea for your guests: the Welcome Bags!

A pretty bag of paper or cloth, personalized directly by the bridal couple, to welcome the guests, especially if they come from far away.

A trend born in the United States, but which has already spread widely throughout Europe.

But…what to put inside these bags?

1. Useful information
Especially for those coming from far away, it would be nice to have a map or a mini guide of the wedding venues. Some historical nods of the place you chose for the reception and suggestions on what to visit nearby if your guests decide to stay a few more days.

2. Wedding Kit
You could put inside your bag the program of the day; the book of Mass, if you choose the religious rite; the cockade for the car; a pack of personalized handkerchiefs and the bag with the rice to throw or the soap bubbles to blow.

3. Personalized accessories
Your photo with a billboard saying “Welcome” or “Thank you” can be a souvenir of the day and an early thank you to your guests.
A small personalized gadget with your names and date of marriage: a keychain, a mini-pen, a USB stick with a few photos of your pre-wedding service or a funny pin.

4. A mini snack!
Another very original idea is to put in the welcome bag a small snack (always very much appreciated by everyone!) that recalls maybe the candy bar you have prepared for the buffet. A suggestion? A mini fruit or chocolate macaron, depending on the season. Classy and very appreciated!
Very cute is also a taste of a traditional product or a mini jar of jams, maybe home-made!
To complete, a small bottle of water or a soft drink.

5. The baby bag
Unless you make a “adults only” wedding, there will be many kids to cheer up your wedding.
Think on them by packing a special mini bag with pencils, coloring pictures, a cap, patches and candies!
The parents will thank you as well!

6. Seasonal presents
If you marry in summer, it is useless to tell you that mini-fans or flip-flops will be very appreciated by your guests.
Depending on the location of the reception, you can also put in your bag an anti-mosquito or scented humid wipes.
Have you opted for a charming winter wedding? The latest trends are to put in the welcome bag a small plaid, a mini-umbrella or even slippers, to be replaced with the shoes when you will finally sit at the table.
And to enjoy the moments of waiting on a particularly cold day, good chocolate tastes are always the right option!

Well, you understand that if you are using paper bags, real mini-bags, in plastic or jute, or even a small wicker basket, the important thing is to focus on utility and imagination.
Always following the rouge file of your wedding!

Let distribute the welcome bags to the bridesmaids or to your best friends at the arrival of the guests at the ceremony. It will be an enjoyable time while they wait the arrival of the newlyweds.

Give vent to your fantasy and customize your Welcome Bag to make you big day unforgettable for everyone!