Who among you, future brides, is not answering how to save money, without sacrificing the style, in the organization of the wedding?

Here some tips for you!

First of all it’s essential to establish a budget.
Perhaps this will not save you money materially, but it will help you to keep under control the costs of each service.
Establish who will pay for what and set a threshold not to be exceeded, in this way you will not found unexpected extra charges!

Choose an uncommon date.
Avoid the high season, form May to September, Saturdays and public holidays.
A midweek day, Sundays, an unusual winter wedding or a fresh March ceremony, are the right compromise to save on the wedding day.

Write a simple guests’ list.
My advice is to add on the list all the people who come to your mind. Read the list over and over again and then remove those who do not fit into the “strictly necessity”. Surround yourself with only people who love you!

The wedding dress.
There are several tricks to save money on the real protagonist of the Event. Yes, the one who, in any case after the wedding, will be placed in his case and to not wear anymore.
Ask your atelier if the shop has models of previous seasons, an outlet space, or even dress used as samples or for photo shoots (usually these cost up to 30% less than custom made clothing).

Flowers, but only the seasonal ones.
It is now well-known that choosing seasonal flowers lowers the cost of this service by at least 20%. It will also be much easier to find them and earn in quantity and quality.

And last but not least, hire a Wedding Planner!
Not only to reduce stress and avoid annoying bruises. A wedding planner will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate suppliers to your ideas and budget, helping you save money …and earning style!