The Exchange of Wedding rings

The story of the tradition

It is exchanged during the celebration of the vows and is the symbol of eternal love.
Wedding rings are also the obvious proof of the marriage union.

Let’s start from the origin: in the Roman era, it was only the man who brought a ring after marriage but from the 16th century the custom of the wedding rings born  for both spouses, and then the exchange of them during the wedding ceremony. Instead, the tradition of engraving inside the rings dates, names or phrases, was born in 1700.

Their perfectly circular shape symbolizes perfection and union: the union of two people who together become one.
The material in which they are generally made is gold, an indestructible material that, above all in Christian culture, is a symbol of eternity.

The wedding ring is generally worn on the left ring finger: this tradition dates back to the Egyptian times, who thought that a vein would pass through this finger , arriving straight to the heart.

In Christian tradition, however, the left annulus is the finger that is touched by the priest after the first three on the invocation of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A more scientific explanation, instead, is that the annular is the first finger that grows in the maternal womb.

Anyway, the explanation we like most is the one derived from an ancient Chinese legend.
According to this legend, every finger symbolizes an affection of our life:
The thumb represents the parents;
The index the brothers and sisters;
The medium symbolizes themselves;
The annular is the loved one;
The pinkie are the children.

Now join your hands, finger to finger and then try to separate them. The only ones you cannot separate are the ringworms. This is due to the fact that, unlike other affections, parents, brothers and children who one day will go on their way, the loved one will stay forever at our side!

Vive l’amour!