Here we are! There are only a few weeks to the big day.
We stressed so much, we did not stop for a moment … and now?
Do not we want to get tired, with dark circles and dehydrated skin on the wedding day?
Stop! And think of yourself.

Here are some tips to get to the wedding day in a brilliant form!

Creates personalized daily rituals: relaxing herbal teas before going to sleep; Yoga sessions in mid-day; little moments of beauty in front of the mirror or simply a relaxed chat with your best friend. Obviously, forbidden to talk about the wedding!

Cut out some moments just for you: a relaxing walk after lunch; an episode of your favorite TV show; a good book or a day at the sea all for you!

It’s not important what you do or how. It is important, even for only a few minutes, to completely disengage your mind from the organization of the marriage. This will also help you to have a slightly detached view of the situation when the agitation will begin.
Don’t forget the beauty routine!
Get a good moisturizer, to be applied every night before going to sleep. If you marry in summer, do not forget sunscreen, especially with the arrival of the first sun.
In some cases, some tanning lamps will not hurt you and will make your skin stand out in the white dress.

Go to your trusty herbalist and let them advise you on a good face mask, using only natural ingredients.

Book some massage sessions from your beautician or some day at the spa with your friends.

Never opt for drastic or do-it-yourself diets, you would only damage your body without actually losing too much pounds.
Do not miss meals, but be careful with excess fats and calories.
Begin a regular physical training, in line with your lifestyle. So no more laziness, yes to the race and abdominal exercises. It will be a bit hard, but it will be worth. And everyone will notice it!