The Wedding timeline by Le Blanc

There are a lot of suggestions on how to start organizing a wedding and the timing for this big event.

Each bride, then, has her own “matrimonial calendar”, also based on her free time and details that would like to prevail on her great day.

Below you will find a new timeline proposal, all in Le Blanc’ style!

12 months before:


You said YES! … now set the date of the wedding, everything starts here and will turn around this date.

Contact your wedding planner and set up a first meeting to talk about your ideas and expectations, she will help you build an accurate budget.

Choose the right location, in accordance with your wishes and personal style and start some visits.

Draft a list of guests and … do not forget your line! A good maintenance or “remise en form” program can also help you eliminate the pre-marriage stress!

-10 months:

Start browsing the wedding dresses’ magazines and contact your Wedding Planner to book some appointments at the right ateliers.

Make a list of the most important details you would not want to give up: special floral decorations; photo and video reportage; personalized or handmade party favors, etc.

Book your chosen location so that you can start work on the style of decorations and catering based on available spaces.

Set the invitation graphics and announce the event to all the guests!

-8 months:

Choose the type of ceremony (civil, religious or symbolic). It is crucial to begin preparing the necessary documents and permits.

Select catering and do at least one menu test.

Order the dress and fix at least the next two trials in atelier.

Fix the photographer, music and honeymoon.

-6 months:

Choose the Rings! There will be a little wait for have them customized.

Send the invitation cards with details for the wedding gifts.

It’s time to choose the dress for the groom!

Have you already obtained attendance from your guests?

-4 months:

Order the cake and the cake topper!

Contact the florist for the preparation of the bouquet and to define the floral decorations.

Set up a playlist and choose the song for your first dance!

Choose the party favors (password: utility!) and send the invitations.

Second dress trial and choice of accessories that complete it.

-2 months:

Make-up and hairstyle trial! Choose simple hairstyles (at the end of the day you’ll thank!) And make-up natural, fitting the season.

Prepare the booklets of the menu and, in the case of a religious rite, the Mass booklets.

Have you thought of a wedding bag for the guests? Consult your Wedding Planner for very original ideas!

 -1 month:

Final trial of the Bridal dress and then … Bachelorette Party!

Define the tableau de mariage making sure to do the right “matches” of the diners. Your Wedding Planner can prepare for you a table layout draft to complete with the names of the guests.

Collect the wedding rings and keep them with you until the day of the ceremony.

-2 weeks:

Fix the last appointment to the beautician and the last dress trial.

Confirm the number of the guests to all the involved suppliers and the wedding planner.

Collect the groom’s dress and make sure that the finishing touches are perfect.

-2 days:

Collect the wedding dress, prepare the emergency kit (to be entrusted to your wedding planner!) and confirm your departure time to your driver.

The big day:

Deliver the rings to the witnesses, the bouquets to bridesmaids and the boutonnière to the groom’s father, bride’s father and the witnesses.

Take a good breath and enjoy your big day …the wedding planner will do the rest!