Wedding Cakes

“A party without cake is just a meeting” Julia Child

The wedding cake is for sure one of the most reminiscent of the wedding day.
Different shapes and sizes, tastes and colors, this dessert is becoming more and more an integral part of the wedding design.

Traditionally the wedding cake is served after a meal, to wish the best to the young couple. A tasty, sumptuous way to end the celebration.
This tradition has ancient origins, dating back to the old Greeks, who used this cake mix with honey and flour, the famous plakuntes or pemmata.
The ancient Romans spouses, however, during the celebrations they used to break the bread to share with other diners.

Later, with the arrival of the first wedding cakes, still very simple mixtures, the groom was usually crumble the cake on the head of the bride, as a good auspice. These were still honey cakes because sugar was a “discovery” of the thousandth year, imported from Indian markets.
Only in the Middle Ages comes the multi-storey cake, assembling breads and biscuits brought by the guests and then covered with “lard”, by way of icing, to keep them together.

Nowadays the most knowledgeable confectioners are able to make wedding cakes of all shapes and sizes, all depends on the number of guests and the “size” of the ceremony. Two, three, sometimes even five-storey sponge cake, icing, meringue and sugar paste to delight the guest’s taste, concluding the wedding day with sweetness.
More and more brides opti for cake design, the art of decorating cakes.
Sweet sculptor creations with fondant, sugar paste or marzipan to give an artistic touch to the most famous cakes.

Decorating cakes for the end of the meal is a tradition that was already common in France in the 9th century.
From 1840 onwards, with the introduction of sodium bicarbonate and temperature-controlled ovens, which allowed to prepare cakes faster, this technique spread throughout Europe.

Today the cake design is a must have for many weddings!

Very popular for brides who opt for a shabby-chic wedding, are the naked or semi-naked cakes. Without exterior cover, layers of sponge cake that can be seen between the layers of stuffing and cascades of flowers and fresh fruit.
Don’t forget the colors! They must absolutely recall the fil rouge of your marriage.

If you want originality, instead, a good idea might be to customize a traditional cake, such as fruit tart or millefoglie pastry, in giant size.
Rely on your wedding-planner for advice on the best pastry shops in your area. Tasting the various combinations will also be an occasion for leisure … as well as an exception the rule for diet! But it’s for just cause!

At last, but not least, the recent trend from USA: the Candy Bar!
A buffet of sweets and candies.
This sweet corner must surprise, so why not garnish it with multicolor macarons, fruit confetti and mini cakes that remind the wedding cake?
And to delight even the little ones, gummy candies, lollipops and chocolates.

A pleasure for the sight and the palate!

Eleonora e Veronica Ferrante